Preservation is the way the gown is stored through the years. 

There is nothing done to the gown except thoroughly cleaning it and properly packaging it.  

The three elements that will damage fabric through the years are air, light, and soil.  If the gown is thoroughly cleaned, and put in a 100% acid-free chest and eliminating the natural and artificial light, the gown will keep for years.  

Unlike our everyday clothes, which we don’t usually keep for 20 plus years, wedding gowns, christening gowns, communion outfits are usually white or light ivory and over time will turn yellow if not properly cared for by a company experienced in preservation.  

The 100% acid-free chest has certain chemicals omitted when the manufacturer is making the chest to allow the garment to be protected from the elements.  A popular chest is one that can be opened and reused if the garment owner decides to wear the garment again or lend it to a friend or family member.  Acid-free tissue paper should be used to line the chest and insert in the gown itself, especially in the bodice area.

Be aware of sealed chests that don’t allow viewing or inspection gowns and cleaners who use a cardboard bust form that will not properly protect your special garment.


Generally, a wedding gown specialist will hand clean, shower rinse, and steam press a gown.

A dry cleaner will spritz the soiled areas with cleaning solutions and put the gown in the dry-cleaning machine, on a short cycle to clean the gown.

Hand cleaning gowns is labor-intensive and usually take at least an hour to hand clean.  Each gown is individually cleaned, then shower rinsed and air-dried.  After the gown is completely dried, it is steamed pressed by hand.

Most dry cleaners will just spot clean soiled areas, and then put the gown in the dry-cleaning machine, along with other gowns or similar garments.  A dry cleaner will not run the machine for only one garment, as it’s not cost-effective. 

Unlike hand cleaning, the machine goes through the cycle motions of agitation, and rinsing and doesn’t know it’s cleaning a wedding gown, many of which have fragile fabric, special laces, trims and beading, and the machine, even though it’s on a gentle cycle, might be too abrasive for the gown it’s cleaning.

Hand cleaning allows the technician to work at a slower, gentler pace, with minimal agitation to the gown and can work on the soiled areas until the stain is removed and all cleaning solutions are flushed out.  Hand cleaning by a properly trained gown specialist will know when further work may cause damage to the fibers of the gown.  Raw silk is the most difficult to remove grease, oil, and red wine stains.  Hand cleaning is definitely a gentler process with a lower risk for damage to the fabric of the gown.


It’s advisable not to include shoes in the preservation chest.  

Under the sole of the shoe is a metal strip to keep the form of the shoe, and over time, this strip could tarnish and have an effect on the fabric of the gown surrounding it.  Not being able to see the strip makes it impossible to determine if it’s been coated, dipped, or altered from the original metal form which adds risk to the integrity of the preservation.   Shoes also have glue which can give off vapors which can damage fabrics over time.

Additionally, anything with metal that is packaged with the gown should be completely wrapped in 100% acid-free tissue paper to make certain it does not come in direct contact with the gown.  Most metal or wire items, such as hair combs on veils, broch pins, stone backings have usually been coated and will not tarnish as the unfinished metal will, and can be included in the chest if properly wrapped and kept away from the gown fabric.

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